Public Speaking

What is public speaking?

What is public speaking?

Public speaking encompasses a huge variety of speaking events e.g. Conference, Audition, Persuasion, Instructions, School Assembly, Lecture, Sales pitch, Interview, Award presentation/acceptance, Lesson, Campaign, Protest, You Tube, Wedding, After dinner etc. Variations according to number of speakers, size of audience, style of speech, environment, face-to-face, podcast, video etc. Tailoring your speech towards your audience and your aim is vital for success both in terms of central message and the peripheral aspects of your performance.

Does people listen when you are public speaking?

Does your public listen attentively when you speak?

Everyone has the potential to speak well in public but simply knowing what to do does not always enable you to perform effectively all of the time. We understand the barriers to effective public speaking from nerves through to communicating complexity and dry information engagingly. These barriers are unique to each individual and our person centred philosophy enables us to support you to identify and overcome them for long term positive change.

public speaking training

Some public speeches feel more important

Ensuring that your content and performance are up to scratch for these high profile events is vital for success. Together we might write speeches, practice delivery, rehearse in the event environment etc. As these events are time-bound, we concentrate only on those essential changes that will make the biggest difference in the shortest time for all those involved.

public speaking qualifications

Are you a qualified public speaker?

Have you achieved a bronze, silver or gold medal? Do you want one? NEA and  LAMDA speaking in public qualifications are open to all ages and are a perfect way to demonstrate and prove your ability to speak in public effectively. We are proud to have a 100% pass rate with over 81% of students achieving distinction. NEA (New Era Academy) and LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) are highly regarded awarding bodies with qualifications recognised by Ofqual. Achieving a distinction at grade 8 (gold medal) is the equivalent to achieving an A-level and all qualifications from grade 6 (bronze medal) and above receive UCAS points for higher education. These qualifications also provide significant proof of achievement for personal and professional development within HR functions.

We run an open programme through the Cambridge Network from September through to July. See their website for more information and to apply for the next cohort.

 Cambridge Network

what makes a good public speaker?

What makes a good public speaker?

We draw on a wealth of research in communication and inter-personal behaviour. One such model at the heart of our work is the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) by Petty and Cacioppo. Their research explains that there are two possible routes that people use to engage with influential messages: the CENTRAL (careful examination of the information given) and PERIPHERAL (judgement made from other aspects of the influential context e.g. emotional triggers, speaking style, non-verbal behaviour etc).

Which route your audience will use depends on how motivated and able they are to process the information. The central route demands both motivation and ability to process the information, whereas the peripheral route makes no demands. However, judgements based on peripheral assessment only can be quite fickle. Enduring judgements are more likely to occur through careful consideration of the central route. So, there are two conclusions to take from this. One is that we must always pay attention to the peripheral route of our communication. The second in that in order to create persuasive central messages we must maximise the motivation and ability of the audience.

We can help you maximise both communication routes.

good public speaking comes from coaching communication skills

Eloquential has been coaching communication and performance skills since 2006

Our extensive knowledge of the art and science behind effective public speaking enables us to support you with every aspect so that your audience does listen attentively throughout. We provide group skills workshops, teacher training courses, individual coaching and peripatetic lessons as well as support for real events and evidence based development.

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How can we help you?

All our work is tailored towards your needs.

Contact us to discuss how we might support your public speaking.

The LAMDA speaking in public syllabus is not only enjoyable, but more significantly, it has greatly enhanced my understanding of how to communicate effectively to an audience, a valuable skill.

Student, Stephen Perse Foundation Sixth Form

Sarah has been fantastic to work with. She takes the time to understand what is needed, to explore difficult questions and to push when pushing is required. She is patient, thoughtful and incredibly intuitive. I found Sarah’s style straightforward and consultative, her approach is tempered with kindness and without judgement. I can not recommend her highly enough.



public speaking clients
public speaking clients
public speaking clients
public speaking clients
public speaking clients
public speaking clients