Like many others, I had a lockdown baby!

My baby is called Gin & Topic and is a new podcast I’ve started with my stepdaughter Áine.

It was born on Friday 26th March at 5pm and whilst it is still in its infancy, it turns 2 (episodes) this evening.


Every week, we drink a different gin and discuss a different topic with an expert. Last week we drank Elephant gin and talked about the evolution of the brain with Giacomo Gattoni from the University of Cambridge. This week we’re drinking the strongest gin in the world, Anno’s Extreme 95, with Dr David Force who’s the Head of Music and Saint Ronan’s School in Kent, and talking about early musical instruments.

You can listen to both of these from your usual podcast platform or direct from our site

And next week…. well… I can’t tell you about next week yet, but if you follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TopicGin then you’ll find out more as we get closer to gin’o’clock on Friday.

So for now, pour yourself a glass, settle down, and join us in celebrating our lockdown baby’s first steps into the world… Cheers