It seems that Gyles Brandreth is becoming my spokesperson – thank you Giles! Another fabulous programme of his on Radio 4 this week. This time all about the art of persuasion. Giles looked at the art of persuasion from the differing perspectives of politics, law, theatre, rhetorical teaching, advertising, consultancy and singing. He questioned the fine line between persuasion and manipulation and began to identify some of the techniques for effective persuasion such as: repetition, emotional engagement and trust, clarifying and listening effectively, and trying to truly understand the person you are trying to persuade. Like Julia Ericsson, I too spent hours in a basement in Canary Wharf supporting the London 2012 bid team with the performance aspects of their speeches, and I was also advocating the power of the pause. Shutting up is often the most powerful thing we can do. So shut up and listen to Giles attempting to persuade you. Enjoy