I’m Sarah Cruise and I am obsessed with human communication and driven by a desire to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help others communicate most effectively.











I want to realise your eloquence potential.

I believe that we all have the potential to communicate eloquently and it’s all about fostering the perfect conditions to enable us to do so.

These conditions will be different for all of us and my aim is to find out what works for you, cultivate your development, and explore ways to overcome external and internal barriers to success.

I work with individuals, groups and organisations and tailor all of my work according to your needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective support within time frames and budget constraints.

I have extensive experience coaching individuals, running workshops, facilitating groups, training trainers, advising managers and supporting events. All of which has resulted in positive impact, desired outcomes, and glowing testimonials.

How I can help ....


workshops to gain knowledge, skills and a common language to support and challenge each other’s development; facilitating sessions to enable teams to identify and understand their communication dynamics, and explore ways to communicate together most effectively; rehearsing for specific events


consulting on how to foster a more communicative organisation by sharing best practice; exploring internal barriers, and identifying recommendations for development


workshops to further knowledge and understanding; training programmes comprising of group workshops, peer review sessions, and individual coaching to full support skills development; group rehearsals for specific events


coaching to share knowledge, develop skills and build confidence; rehearsing to test out ideas, practice skills and perfect specific communications; reviewing scripts and videos to provide insightful feedback to further development


coaching and workshops to share knowledge, tools and techniques to apply in your own workshops and coaching

I can help with public speaking presenting interviewing science communicating public engagement teaching pitching selling negotiating influencing mentoring motivating blogging vlogging podcasting

About the knowledge, skills & experience I offer ...

I love performing and this shows in my facilitation style which is authentically energetic and uses performance to illustrate, demonstrate and inspire others.
I’m creative, visual and imaginative, which comes out in my workshop design, illustrative exercises, and helps my clients to make connections, solve problems and visualise complexities.
I‘m curious, interested in anything and everything, and much of my most favourite work is where I also get to learn from my clients.
I don’t feel much older than I did as a teenager. I still make mistakes and a fool out of myself, but I have embraced these with age and am now happy to acknowledge and use them to my own advantage, even if that’s just to have fun and make others laugh.
I have managed to combine my curiosity and love for public engagement in academic research, with my favourite tipple of gin, by co-hosting the the Gin & Topic podcast with my step-daughter Áine.
My two rescue dogs often make an appearance either visually or vocally, but then I often mull over work when out walking them, so I guess it’s only fair.

We meet to ...


Explore how I might support you, your team or your organisation. We can discuss and plan a fully tailored approach to meet your needs within any constraints you may have.

Or if you want to get to work straight away then you can book a pre-pay session right now to ...


Learn together as a group of up to 20 people. You choose the topics you want to cover and I will put together a 90 minute workshop covering the knowledge and skills, with interactive elements and handout information for participants to take away.


Develop as your knowledge and skills through individual coaching sessions, covering any aspect of human communication, learning applying and reflecting on your development as we go. You may also block book sessions to reduce cost, simply email me to find out more.


Rehearse a specific communication that you have to give, and I will give you feedback and coaching followed by an email with video footage and notes for further development.


Consult with me on any specific communication challenges you may have and I will apply my knowledge and experience to help you work out strategies for tackling these most effectively. I am also available on a retainer basis should you wish to spread the cost of these sessions over a year and benefit from an on-call approach.

All of these and most of my work is delivered via zoom but I’m happy to meet in MSTeams if that is more appropriate for your organisation.

I do also work in-person, should that be most appropriate e.g. rehearsing for live in-person events, or working collectively with in-person teams. However, only when the benefits of working in-person outweighs the cost to the environment. When working in person, I donate to a carbon zero charity to offset my actions, and encourage my clients to do so also.

If you would rather contact me via email then it’s sarah@eloquential.co.uk and you can find me on on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Others have worked with me over the years, including most recently ...