Working with Individuals

Skills development

When developing soft skills, simply knowing and understanding what to do is not enough, we need to fully experience how to do it, practice, and most importantly understand what might prevent us from succeeding. We are all different and our responses to any kind of stimuli are completely unique. These responses may at times result in unwanted behaviours or an inability to do the things that we want to do. I use the Hot Cross Bun model, widely used by counselling practitioners, to help understand the unique human process that goes on for us all. Together we explore how we think, feel, react and behave in response to something and how we all respond differently due to our own past and present experience. Knowledge is power. By capturing all the information, we can then find patterns and triggers which can help change those unwanted responses. I fully embrace the fact that the individual themselves are the only ones to enable their own development. My role as coach is to facilitate self-awareness, offer developmental experiences and insights, and provide a safe environment to test out new behaviours. In-between our coaching sessions my individuals continue their awareness and practical experience so that skills may be implemented in real-life situations.


How it works

My individual coaching is highly tailored and targeted at long-term development. I start with an initial meeting or telephone call to get to know the individual and really understand their needs and goals. From here we plan a coaching programme together which could include a mixture of sessions in person, FaceTime/Skype, telephone and email correspondence. Sessions may last anything between 30 minutes to 2 hours and spread out over time as much as possible with time between sessions for self-development to maximise the effectiveness of the programme.

Areas of focus

Coaching may focus on any aspect of communication such as: personal impact, public speaking, networking, persuasion, interview preparation, managing nerves, transition to management etc. I also offer LAMDA coaching in communication and performance through Starlight Stars. These examinations are open to all ages and whilst they are generically targeted at school-age children can be hugely beneficial to adults too. You can enter these exams at any stage according to your ability and I therefore see many adults entering at Level 3 to complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

Preparing for events

We may work together towards a specific event such as an interview, a public speaking engagement, a key presentation, a business pitch etc. Together we might write speeches, practice delivery, role-play interviews, rehearse in the event environment etc. During these more time-bound coaching programmes we concentrate only on those essential changes that will make the biggest difference in the shortest time.

Evidence based development

This way of working is especially significant for individuals or teams working on regular events such as technical demos, sales training, training workshops, monthly/quarterly update presentations etc. By recording their realtime communication we can enable people to really see and understand for themselves how they communicate in those situations, not just how they perform in the artificial training environment. This enables them to identify for themselves what works, what doesn’t, and how they can specifically improve for greater impact. Team working in this way also encourages self-supporting groups to continue working together to enable each other’s development without the need for further external intervention, dramatically cutting the cost of effective long-term development. Learn More ›