Working with Companies

Skills development workshops

All of my workshops are designed closely with you to fit your needs in skills development, quantity of participants, time and budget. They are highly interactive and creative, combining: advice, discussion, exercises, experiments, games and practicals to gain skills and build confidence. Wherever appropriate we use equipment such as video cameras, masks, mirrors, audio recording etc and provide workbooks containing relevant theory for participants to read at their leisure. Workshops can focus on any aspect of communication and inter-personal behaviour such as: team building, public speaking, presenting, selling, personal impact, persuasion, non-verbal behaviour etc.

Individual coaching

Highly tailored and targeted at long-term development, coaching may focus on any aspect of communication such as: personal impact, public speaking, networking, persuasion, interview preparation, managing nerves, transition to management etc. We may work together towards a specific event such as an interview, a public speaking engagement, a key presentation, a business pitch etc, or more generally over time for more long-term personal development. Sessions may be arranged for a time and location which is most suitable including the possibility of working out of the usual office hours to fit in with busy schedules and reducing costs of coaching by co-ordinating all sessions within a company to occur on the same day.

LAMDA Public Speaking medal examinations

These are a perfect way for developing your talent with clear milestones for them to achieve, external proof of their development and recognised certificates of achievement. Coaching for these would take the form of 30 minute sessions every week for approximately 2-3 months followed by a formal examination.

Public speaking summer schools

These run over the summer months July-August for your young talent and could include any of the following as appropriate for your business: group workshops, individual coaching, LAMDA examinations on your premises, competition heats and a final showcase event with prize giving.

Preparing for team events

Where a team event involves some form of communication or inter-personal relationships such as: a major pitch presentation, media exposure, conference speeches etc then I can help prepare the team, working closely with all appropriate parties to ensure that our involvement is tailored specifically to the requirements and concentrate on those essential changes that will make the biggest difference in the shortest time.

Evidence based development

This way of working is especially significant for individuals or teams working on regular events such as technical demos, sales training, training workshops, monthly/quarterly update presentations etc. By recording their realtime communication we can enable people to really see and understand for themselves how they communicate in those situations, not just how they perform in the artificial training environment. This enables them to identify for themselves what works, what doesn’t, and how they can specifically improve for greater impact. Team working in this way also encourages self-supporting groups to continue working together to enable each other’s development without the need for further external intervention, dramatically cutting the cost of effective long-term development. Learn More ›

Companies I have worked with include

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