About eloquential

Hello, I’m Sarah.

I’ve been coaching communication skills since 2003 and am passionate about the art and science involved.

My love of the arts started when I was very young. I can still remember my first experience back stage and the smell stays with me to this day. During school I worked through the LAMDA syllabus for Verse and Prose, gaining my gold medal in 1992, and was involved in many a production including a few at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994, 2003 & 2004. My love of theatre continued through my university years, where I achieved a 2:1 BAHons degree in Theatre Design, and alongside my working life as I helped to run a theatre company in London called The Chelsea Players until 2005.

My love of the science was kindled in 2003 after meeting Dr Branka Zei Pollerman of the Vox Institute in Geneva. I was blown away by her knowledge on the subject and under her expert guidance I began to understand and appreciate the extensive research within psychology and linguistics behind how we communicate and interact with others. I have continued to learn from her since then and to keep up to date with the latest relevant research, immersing myself in research papers on a regular basis.

Between 2010-2015, I was privileged to be involved with a community of counsellors experiencing some intense experiential development in the person centred approach. This has broadened my understanding of people, how they develop, learn and change, and has greatly enhanced my own self-awareness and ability to provide a more effective coaching relationship for others to flourish.

After many years of success working in the corporate environment with adults, focussing on the science of communication, I have decided to return to my roots and embrace the arts side of things too. Eloquential is a culmination of all of these experiences and passionate interests, merging the art and science to provide a more holistic approach accessible to all.